Posted by: ikestu | October 3, 2008

VP debate

After watching the VP debate last night, I was very pleased with the outcome. Even with a few slip ups and misspoken names from Governor Palin, I thought she was very fluent with the questions launched at her. I think she could have attacked Obama rather than Biden more. We all know that both Senators (Obama and Biden) are very smart men, but we are all in a consensus that Biden has many stupid remarks and many nonfactual “facts.”

One example on the debate last night that was just an outright lie from our (trusted) Senator Biden was his “fact” that the “government has spent more money in three weeks in Iraq than they have during the entire time spent in Afghanistan.” This is just ABSURD! Three weeks in Iraq equates to nine-billion dollars. Our entire time spent in Afghanistan equates to 179 Billion dollars. This is an exaggeration of TWENTY TIMES! I do not know if Senator Biden passed elementary school, but to my knowledge, 9 billion dollars is substantially lower than 179 billion dollars. What makes this worse is Biden repeating this THREE TIMES!! It astounds me that he can be so smart and so wrong at the same time. This is just so surprising how extremely intelligent people can be so far from the truth that they are willing to believe the truths that they create.

Senator Biden is a very intelligent man, but he has not mastered the skill of the “Think before you speak” tactic.

I was upset with how the polling went. People said that Biden won the debate, but in my book, Governor Palin exceeded all of our expectations and she deserves the victory for this battle well fought.

Posted by: ikestu | August 19, 2008

Application process

Over this past weekend my dad has “socially grounded” me until i got my Naval and Air Force applications completed. At first this was torture for me because I had been invited by friends to go places that night and every time I asked my dad, he calmly refused by saying “applications first.”

This ended up being a good decision on his part. I have around 90% of my applications completed. I am now working on sending letters out to people in order for them to write letters of recommendations for me. I could not have done these applications without the ground pounding toughness of my dad’s fortified decisions. I am very thankful for this. My mind has lost a lot of mental weight!

Posted by: ikestu | August 13, 2008

How i love

When people say “share what you love” comes to my mind.

This site which sells shirts, imagine that, is in my opinion the best place to buy witty shirts. I have quite a bit in my collection and it is still growing strong.

For those of you who like giving people a good laugh when they look at you, this is the place to visit!

Posted by: ikestu | August 13, 2008

My Brother

My brother joined the Marines his sophomore year of college. He has been a big inspiration with my choice of joining the armed forces, namely the Navy. I just received an email from him expressing how much he loves all the gum and hard candy that my family and I send him. He told me “gum and sour punch straws are treasure for my platoon over here…” I was very pleased to hear this and i will keep sending him more.

In more disturbing news from Daniel or “ike” as he is referred to by our family. On his patrol, one of his squad members found an IED or Improvised Explosive Devise and an RPG or Rocket Propelled Grenade shell near their base. This was not the best of news he told me, but i trust that he and his platoon are in God’s hands.

I wish him well on his tour over in Iraq.

Posted by: ikestu | August 13, 2008

Hello world!

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